Today was an average Friday until I returned from lunch and my manager asked if I wanted to join him at the New York International Auto Show since he had an extra free pass. I hadn’t been to the auto show in over two decades so I happily accepted and we walked the three-by-five blocks southwest to the Javitts Center.

My manager, Kalyan, next to the Alfa Romeo 4C

We only had two hours at our disposal so I spent most of the time looking at cars that were actually in my price range since I will be car shopping soon. Still, it didn’t hurt to look at some exotics. If I needed a daily dose of motivation to worker harder and become rich then I found it by looking at the new Acura NSX. I must own one at some point in my life.

This little distraction kept me from finishing my work task by the end of the day but I’ll take care of it this weekend. Tonight will most likely be a reading night since I will be on an 8-hour bus ride to Ohio.