I’ll admit it. It’s time for me to learn JavaScript

For years I have deliberately avoided JavaScript. In my early web-surfing days during late-1990’s I managed to get a grasp of HTML but I found the JS code nestled between the <script> tags to be cumbersome and unsightly. During my college years in the early-2000’s I was introduced to PHP and became enamored with the backend web which, at the time, was untouched by JS. By the late 2000’s I developed an interest in native mobile but it has become apparent that JS is permeating the native mobile experience after already proving itself viable as a backend option.

When I first started my role at the NY Times, two weeks shy of a year ago, I was told that JS would be used heavily in my daily tasks however it ended up being CoffeeScript. Now, there is a push among the testing┬áteams across the technology division to adopt the ES6 standard of JS and there are resources being made available for us to learn it. My desire was to transition to Android development and, hopefully, to pick up Golang development for backend work but since I have to learn JS for my primary work tasks I may as well learn it in-depth to understand how to use it for backend and native mobile integration. So, for the time being, I’m putting aside all else and focusing on JS ES6 development. My goal is to be full-stack proficient with it by the end of the Summer so that I can fairly assess whether it is worth me to pursue as a long-term career option or if I should go back to a Java/Android/Golang focus.

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