Wu Tang Clan vs. Jimi Hendrix: Black Gold

Playing hours of Mafia 3 has made me fall in love with the song “All Along the Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix since it’s the title track when you start the game. Yes, I know that I’m late to the party when it comes to Jimi Hendrix fandom but better late than never. One thing I was never late to was Wu Tang Clan fandom so when I found out that a Jimi Hendrix/Wu Tang Clan mash-up was recently re-released I just had to jump on it.

Black Gold, named after a demo album that Jimi recorded shortly before his death, is a 20-track independent release by British music producer Tom Caruana that blends Jimi Hendrix guitar rifts with tracks from the Wu Tang Clan’s extensive discography. The painstaking effort to make this album is not lost on me. Beat-matching hip-hop tracks with other hip-hop instrumentals is challenging enough but doing it with rock instrumentals is a greater challenge and Black Gold does it with remarkable precision. The only thing that could take this project from “very good” to “perfect” would be if the tracks had more refined endings since most of them were hard stops. I rate this a solid 4.5/5. Now, I need to make time to listen to Tom Caruana’s other projects, all conveniently located on his Soundcloud.

Notable Tracks

  1. Flying Daggers: Flying Daggers blended with Pali Gap
  2. Last Call: Last Call blended with an unreleased jam instrumental
  3. Wind Cries: Third World and Bizarre blended with The Wind Cries Mary
  4. Dirty Fox: Shimmy Shimmy Ya, The Fix, and When You Hear That blended with Foxy Lady, Rainy Day Dream Away and Happy Birthday