If At First You Don’t Succeed…: A New Year’s Post

For the past couple of years I have been successful at keeping New Year’s resolutions and turning them into habits. First, it was reading regularly in 2017. Then it was journaling in 2018. This year, my resolution is to blog regularly. For all of the blogs that I’ve started started I haven’t been more consistent than six months. My last attempt at blogging was my most consistent effort but once the license expired on the WordPress theme I did not renew it. As a result, both the blog and my website have lapsed into a derelict state.

As someone who works in the tech industry it’s stultifying for me to not have a stable online presence outside of my personal Facebook and Instagram accounts. This year is my year to fix that. Blogging regularly will also inspire me to do things worth blogging about, like expanding my technical expertise. Since I’m working with both Swift and Node.js there’s lots of open ground for me to cover as both languages are still evolving.

So, this post marks the first step towards my 2019 resolution. My website re-design will come a little later but, for now, I’ll publish my posts until my blog has a finished site to reside on.